smoke, fire, and water damage - can you repair it?

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smoke, fire, and water damage - can you repair it?

Has your home suffered damage from smoke, fire or water? Do you know how to effectively clean up the damage and restore your home to livable and beautiful condition? Do you think that this type of damage can be repaired without professional assistance? In some cases, you may be right, but other times, it is important to call in the professional restoration contractors to assist you. What could go wrong if you tried to do the cleanup and repair work yourself? Learn what could happen to your home if you try to make these repairs without learning how to do it properly and avoiding calling in the professionals.

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Did Your Tenant Leave Behind Pet Odor When Moving Out? Get Carpet Cleaning To Fix The Problem

Taking care of a rental is no small task. Even if you have excellent tenants, wear and tear is inevitable. If you allow pets inside the rental, you are taking a risk, but also opening up more opportunities. It is not uncommon for cats or dogs to leave behind a distinct odor that may not be easy to remove. If your tenants resided in the rental for several years, the odor is likely just a natural side effect of them being there. But, a strong scent of urine could be a telltale sign that the tenants did not clean up after their pet properly. Professional carpet cleaning is the number one way to get rid of pet odor in your rental home.

Pay a Little Extra for Deodorizing

Carpet cleaning on its own is going to cost around $186 to $390 for a home of about 1,000 square feet. This is just one expense that you must handle as a rental property owner, but you should do everything you can to eliminate the scent before you start showing off the house to other people. Paying extra money to get deodorizing services is highly recommended and should only cost an extra nickel per square foot. This will give you peace of mind knowing that it will not be a negative aspect that visitors bring up.

Schedule Right Before Listing

As much as you may want to get rid of the pet odor as soon as the tenants move out, you should hold off until you are just about ready to put up listings for the rental property. The last thing you want is to spend money on the service, only to need another professional cleaning after doing maintenance and repairs. The one situation in which you should bypass this is when the smell is strong of urine, and this is because you want to minimize damage to the carpet, pad, and subflooring to maximize the floor's lifespan.

Take Care of Noticeable Stains

Trying to take fresh pictures for the rental with several urine stains is not going to go so well. Also, when you show the rental to potential tenants, they are not going to want to see these stains. It is best to get rid of all stains because it will only become harder to get rid of them in the future. It may even be worth removing the carpet at the front entrance and back door where most accidents are likely to happen. Replacing it with tile will keep this area from being a constant problem with pets urinating. 

If you want to present a lovely rental, you need carpet cleaning for beautification and odor removal. For more information, talk to a professional like Magic Wand Cleaning and Restoration Services.