smoke, fire, and water damage - can you repair it?

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smoke, fire, and water damage - can you repair it?

Has your home suffered damage from smoke, fire or water? Do you know how to effectively clean up the damage and restore your home to livable and beautiful condition? Do you think that this type of damage can be repaired without professional assistance? In some cases, you may be right, but other times, it is important to call in the professional restoration contractors to assist you. What could go wrong if you tried to do the cleanup and repair work yourself? Learn what could happen to your home if you try to make these repairs without learning how to do it properly and avoiding calling in the professionals.

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Bathroom Remodeling Tips When Mold Has Taken Over

Does your home have water damage? If so, you are likely aware that water damage can cause a number of issues such as mold growth. Perhaps mold is already present in your property and you are making plans for mold remediation. The damaged building materials will likely need to be removed and replaced. This is why some people choose to perform home remodeling at the same time that the remediation efforts take place. The following are a few bathroom remodeling ideas that can help you protect your home in the future against water and moisture damage.


The exhaust fans in older bathrooms have to be manually turned on. Sometimes people forget to turn them on or neglect to use them. This can leave excess moisture on surfaces. As part of your remodel, you could get an exhaust fan installed that detects moisture. These fans automatically initiate when moisture is detected and automatically turn off when moisture is removed. This makes them ideal for moisture control and energy savings. 

Natural Light

Mold thrives in dark and moist areas. The average property owner does not leave their lights on in their bathrooms all day. However, if natural light can permeate through in the daytime, it can be effective in ensuring that light is in the area, which could curb mold growth. If your current bathroom does not have a window, consider getting one installed during your upgrade. You could also consider adding a skylight to your bathroom to allow natural light in. 

Tile and Flooring

Your tile and flooring may need to be extracted as part of your remodel. Aim to choose replacements that are easy to clean. It is also worth considering mold-resistant materials. This can aid in inhibiting the growth or quick spread of mold. Ensure you choose flooring and tile that you will not regret having to clean later. Some types of flooring and tile require cleaning that can be tedious. 

Tubs and Showers

You may want to consider getting rid of your bathtub if you usually take showers. You could replace it with a walk-in shower. This would also free up space in your bathroom and could make it appear larger. Opt for fog-less shower doors to curb moisture buildup on the surface of the glass. Opting for a frameless shower would aid in preventing mold build-up in crevices of the shower. 

A home remodeling company is a good resource to use to determine ways to make your bathroom remodel modern. They can also offer insight on cutting edge technologies that help to remove moisture from bathrooms which can minimize the chances of mold growth.