smoke, fire, and water damage - can you repair it?

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smoke, fire, and water damage - can you repair it?

Has your home suffered damage from smoke, fire or water? Do you know how to effectively clean up the damage and restore your home to livable and beautiful condition? Do you think that this type of damage can be repaired without professional assistance? In some cases, you may be right, but other times, it is important to call in the professional restoration contractors to assist you. What could go wrong if you tried to do the cleanup and repair work yourself? Learn what could happen to your home if you try to make these repairs without learning how to do it properly and avoiding calling in the professionals.

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Myths Concerning Mold Remediation

There are many different problems that individuals will find that they will have to address when it comes to their homes. Unfortunately, misinformation and a lack of experience can make this much more difficult for individuals to do. While mold issues are fairly routine structural issues, this is a problem that homeowners may be misinformed about, which could lead to complications as they attempt to address this issue.

Myth: Mold Is Only Caused By Large Amounts Of Water Damage

One assumption about mold problems is that these issues are only caused by large amounts of water damaging the home. While it is common for homes that have suffered flood damage to experience mold issues, it is also possible for this damage to occur in response to repeated exposure to small amounts of moisture. This can be particularly problematic in areas of the home where condensation is allowed to regularly accumulate. Additionally, small leaks in the roof can also contribute to this problem, as these leaks may allow enough moisture into the home to create conditions that are prime for the development of mold colonies.

Myth: Mold Will Not Pose A Serious Health Risk

Unfortunately, it can be common for homeowners to vastly underestimate the effects that mold can have on their health. This can be particularly problematic for those with compromised respiratory systems due to the amount of spores that the mold can release in the home. In fact, it can be possible for mold to start growing in a person's lungs if they have a sufficiently compromised immune or respiratory system.

Myth: It Will Be Too Expensive To Have Mold Remediation Done

Addressing a serious mold problem can be essential, but there are many homeowners who assume that these repairs are simply too expensive for them to manage. However, failing to have these repairs done to the property can prove to be far more costly as the mold can eventually start to cause serious structural problems for the home that may require very expensive repair work to correct. Luckily, many homeowner insurance policies will cover the costs of mold remediation so that these repairs can be easier to manage. The exact amount of coverage that a person enjoys for this type of repair can vary based on the details of their policy along with the source of the mold. However, it can be well worth checking with your insurance policy so that you will know exactly what you can expect when having these repairs done.

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