smoke, fire, and water damage - can you repair it?

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smoke, fire, and water damage - can you repair it?

Has your home suffered damage from smoke, fire or water? Do you know how to effectively clean up the damage and restore your home to livable and beautiful condition? Do you think that this type of damage can be repaired without professional assistance? In some cases, you may be right, but other times, it is important to call in the professional restoration contractors to assist you. What could go wrong if you tried to do the cleanup and repair work yourself? Learn what could happen to your home if you try to make these repairs without learning how to do it properly and avoiding calling in the professionals.

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Thin Walls, Lots Of Pipes: What May Be There That You Cannot See

Some old homes have kitchens in the backs of the houses. These kitchens usually run their plumbing in the backmost wall. The trouble with this location for pipes is that they are in thin walls, with little covering, and they are dangerously close to the changing temperatures outside. If there is another room or space on the opposite wall behind the area where all of the plumbing is, then this room is in equal danger of water damage if the pipes ever burst or rot apart. To be sure there is nothing wrong that you cannot see, call in water damage restoration services. They can do the following.

​Scope out the Wall

By using a special heat sensing camera, the damage contractor can scope out the wall. If the wall is covered in cabinets and a sink in the kitchen, the contractor can go outside or into the next room where the wall is not blocked. Here, he/she can check the wall by carefully scanning it with the camera. The results are revealing of something or nothing. 

Finding the Damage Inside

If there is any water damage and pipe issues inside the wall, the scope will find it. The scope shows areas in blue that signify cold and damp, which in turn signify potential water damage. If you want to check it out further, you can hire the contractor to open the wall and check out the plumbing. The good news is, if there is water damage, you have already hired the contractor that can fix it. If there is no water damage and the pipes look good, you can rest easy knowing that there is nothing that needs fixing. If there is no water damage, the contractor will just repair the wall, making it good as new. 

Other Problems

Restoration contractors can also spot signs of other mold and water damage-related issues. You may have an infestation of phorid flies in the walls, or cockroaches, or even rats. Even if the water damage is not extensive, or there is no real damage to report, it may be helpful to note that you have other sewer-related problems that need to be addressed. Then you can call a pest control expert to take care of these problems. If the water damage contractor leaves the wall open and pipes exposed, you are going to want to get the pest control expert out right away. Then the contractor can seal up the wall again to prevent the pests from crawling into the living spaces of your home.